Raiders Rants: Marshawn Lynch Sitting and Derek Carr’s Trolling

It’s Week Two of the Preseason and here are some Raiders Rants on this week’s stories.

Marshawn Lynch

These days, it seems like everyone gave their take on the latest NFL protests happening across the league. Hue Jackson discouraged his players from doing it. Raiders legend Tim Brown questioned why Marshawn Lynch is bringing this attention to himself. Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said if it were him he would stand for the National Anthem.

Nonetheless, Marshawn Lynch sat during the National Anthem of the Raiders first preseason game. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if not for similar protests made by Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett.

In fact, Lynch himself downplayed it. He said it is something he has done over his entire career.

Either way, Lynch is from Oakland and he is playing there now. Oakland is historically one of the most socially conscious cities in the world. Thus, Lynch has every right to make whatever statement he wants.

As for old heads discouraging the behavior and encouraging players to stand for the national anthem… it is hard to blame them. These people came up during a different time than us. They lived in a time that was a lot less open to the human experience and less tolerant of different views. They stood in line and stayed in their lane so that this younger generation could say what they want on social media and continue to protest how we see fit.

Then again, who am I to say anything about how someone else might take offense to protestors or how old heads might see protestors. People of my shade aren’t getting brutally murdered… at least not at the same rate.

Derek Carr

On a lighter note, Derek Carr released a hilarious teaser of a music video. It came with a full site and photo shoot of what looked to be some sort of album or EP.

Carr later said it was all a joke but the internet ran with it. Players and media entertained the tweet. Don’t be surprised if you see the Raiders QB in a meme very soon.

Either way, this is one of the reasons why Carr is the perfect face to the Raiders franchise. Besides being a great player, leader, husband and father, he does not take himself too seriously. He isn’t above trolling the internet with some well-done and harmless fun.

Touchdown Timmie Immortalized

Getty Images via Google images

Tim Brown finally enters the Hall of Fame. Getty Images via google images.Aug. 8 was an amazing day to be Raider fan. Legend Tim Brown finally got into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

Growing up a Raider fan, there are few instances I can recall about Tim Brown. I am only in my twenties, so I did not witness his greatness first hand. Most of my memories center around Brown being the best player on the football games I played. As i grew up, I had appreciation for the veteran who gave it his all late into his thirties.

Once I got older, I could appreciate all the stats Brown put together. The records he set for our beloved franchise. He has the records in games played. He put together a phenomenal ten year stretch. He ranks No. 6 in receiving yards. I looked up his highlights, many of which happened when I was a baby. That meant, I had to respect the greatness of the one they called Mr. Raider.

Now that I have entered the sports media, I have learned more about Brown as a man. The larger than life spiritual man who GMs a Texas indoor football team. Moreover, I learned the stories about Brown lying to his parents about playing in the band instead of football. I learned about the young receiver who was more renowned for his utility in space and return kicks than his receiving ability. I learned that Brown was the first receiver to win the Heisman. Hence, I grew tremendous respect for Brown as an individual.

So when it was announced Tim Brown was finally going into the Hall, I was enthralled. After more than five years of waiting, it was great to hear he would finally take his rightful spot in history. It was a great moment for the Raider brand, as their top receiver would finally be immortalized.

I was just so happy, because future generations of Raider Nation will know about Tim Brown. They will know about the man who caught passes from 20 starting quarterbacks. They will know about the competitor who could not be stopped, despite not having much of a supporting cast. Most of all, I was proud that all football fans will know and respect the greatness of Tim Brown.

NFL snubs Khalil Mack but Tim Brown finally gets in

Well if we let Tim Brown in, Raider fans can’t be mad at us for snubbing Khalil Mack of the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

It may seem like that to Raider fans who already think The NFL has a bias against the Raiders.

The fact that Tim Brown waited five years to go to the Hall of Fame might be an indicator of that. However, a seventh year would have been a complete injustice no matter who his receiving competition is.

I don’t care that Marvin Harrison was superior in statistics and all pros. Tim Brown impacted the game offensively and on special teams. Not to mention he didn’t have an all pro quarterback throwing to him.

Hence, I was nearly in tears when one of my all time favorite Raiders was finally selected to be immortalized in Cleveland. He waited patiently and it was about damn time.

Still, it could not upstage the fact that Khalil Mack was robbed of Defensive ROY.

I get Aaron Donald had 10 sacks and I get CJ Mosley had more than 100 tackles. Those two players had great seasons, but both were on superior teams and defenses.

There is a reason why so many people have recognized Mack. From opposing coaches and players to analysis in the media and profootball talk have all raved about this guy.

Anyone who watched a Raider game saw Khalil Mack was the best player on the field. He was always accounted for and still was able to make plays.

Either way, I won’t cry for Khalil Mack. He has plenty of years to prove he is an elite player. I know he will only use the snub as motivation to get better.

One thing is for sure, had Tim Brown and Khalil Mack been robbed, there would have been riots by Raider Nation.


Explain why Tim isn’t in Canton


So why isn’t Tim Brown in the Hall of fame? Your talking about an NFL wide who was a nine time pro bowler and a franchise player for one of the most historic franchises. He held the record for most games played in the silver and black. Tim Brown helped the Raiders win a Superbowl and get to another. Rather it was special teams or on downs 1-3 Tim Brown was an impact player throughout his 16 year career. Over the time period he showed durability, consistency, and play making ability that has him on the record list amongst many great receivers. You can look up the stats yourself and see this guys resume. Yet somehow he has already been passed on the list 3 times

If guys like Michael Irvin, Andre Ward, and Chris Carter can make it into canton, surely Tim Brown can. The Former Heisman trophy winner was even named to the all decade team.  But I guess playing for the Raiders makes it a little bit harder to make it into the hall of fame. Ask Ray Guy, or Kenny Stabler. However, Tim Brown has a far bigger argument than both of those guys. Because of that, I know Tim Brown will eventually make it into the HOF, I just hope that hes alive to see it!