NFL snubs Khalil Mack but Tim Brown finally gets in

Well if we let Tim Brown in, Raider fans can’t be mad at us for snubbing Khalil Mack of the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

It may seem like that to Raider fans who already think The NFL has a bias against the Raiders.

The fact that Tim Brown waited five years to go to the Hall of Fame might be an indicator of that. However, a seventh year would have been a complete injustice no matter who his receiving competition is.

I don’t care that Marvin Harrison was superior in statistics and all pros. Tim Brown impacted the game offensively and on special teams. Not to mention he didn’t have an all pro quarterback throwing to him.

Hence, I was nearly in tears when one of my all time favorite Raiders was finally selected to be immortalized in Cleveland. He waited patiently and it was about damn time.

Still, it could not upstage the fact that Khalil Mack was robbed of Defensive ROY.

I get Aaron Donald had 10 sacks and I get CJ Mosley had more than 100 tackles. Those two players had great seasons, but both were on superior teams and defenses.

There is a reason why so many people have recognized Mack. From opposing coaches and players to analysis in the media and profootball talk have all raved about this guy.

Anyone who watched a Raider game saw Khalil Mack was the best player on the field. He was always accounted for and still was able to make plays.

Either way, I won’t cry for Khalil Mack. He has plenty of years to prove he is an elite player. I know he will only use the snub as motivation to get better.

One thing is for sure, had Tim Brown and Khalil Mack been robbed, there would have been riots by Raider Nation.


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