Touchdown Timmie Immortalized

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Tim Brown finally enters the Hall of Fame. Getty Images via google images.Aug. 8 was an amazing day to be Raider fan. Legend Tim Brown finally got into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

Growing up a Raider fan, there are few instances I can recall about Tim Brown. I am only in my twenties, so I did not witness his greatness first hand. Most of my memories center around Brown being the best player on the football games I played. As i grew up, I had appreciation for the veteran who gave it his all late into his thirties.

Once I got older, I could appreciate all the stats Brown put together. The records he set for our beloved franchise. He has the records in games played. He put together a phenomenal ten year stretch. He ranks No. 6 in receiving yards. I looked up his highlights, many of which happened when I was a baby. That meant, I had to respect the greatness of the one they called Mr. Raider.

Now that I have entered the sports media, I have learned more about Brown as a man. The larger than life spiritual man who GMs a Texas indoor football team. Moreover, I learned the stories about Brown lying to his parents about playing in the band instead of football. I learned about the young receiver who was more renowned for his utility in space and return kicks than his receiving ability. I learned that Brown was the first receiver to win the Heisman. Hence, I grew tremendous respect for Brown as an individual.

So when it was announced Tim Brown was finally going into the Hall, I was enthralled. After more than five years of waiting, it was great to hear he would finally take his rightful spot in history. It was a great moment for the Raider brand, as their top receiver would finally be immortalized.

I was just so happy, because future generations of Raider Nation will know about Tim Brown. They will know about the man who caught passes from 20 starting quarterbacks. They will know about the competitor who could not be stopped, despite not having much of a supporting cast. Most of all, I was proud that all football fans will know and respect the greatness of Tim Brown.

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