Raiders Strike Gold with Norton

Ken Norton Jr. via Google images.

The Raiders received some flak for not hiring a sexy visionary name as Head Coach. They got even more hate when defensive coordinators spurned them.

Finally, the Raiders named a defensive coordinator and it was Ken Norton Jr. Formally of the Seahawks.

Not only does Norton come from the Pete Carroll coaching tree dating back to USC, but he and Del Rio started together in Dallas under Jimmie Johnson.


The two have already agreed to have a good working relationship. While Del Rio plans to help with the Xs and Os, Norton will ultimately make the calls on Saturday.

Why should Raider fans be excited? Not only does Norton Jr. Have relationships with pending Free Agents Byron Maxwell and Malcolm Smith but he also was one of the most vocal coaches for the Seahawks.

The Raiders have a slew of talent at linebacker with Sio Moore and Khalil Mack who should thrive under a firey Norton. As a former linebacker coach, Norton is lucky to have two solid young linebackers as well as Miles Burris as extra depth.

Norton Jr. may not be the mad genius that Jason Tarver was, but he has fire and experience as a player that current players and free agents should connect with.

Not to mention, Norton Jr. has a Superbowl ring as an assistant as does Del Rio.

Eitherway, fans should be excited because he should employ many of the Seahawks’ defensive philosophies including: depth, swagger, tenacity, speed, and development. Most of all development and depth across the entire defensive roster regardless of where a player is drafted. That is what the Raiders need most.

Raider nation get excited as a Del Rio and Ken Norton Jr. combination means the Raiders should get back to playing defense the Raider way!

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