The Oakland Raiders Quarterly Report: Offense

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For some odd reason, people like to think in fours. In this case, the Raiders played four games in the 2015 season, which is a quarter of their sixteen.

Thus far it has been a mix bag for the rising Raiders. Against the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, the Raiders fielded a high-powered offense. Their defense found ways to make plays that sealed the game in an Oakland victory.

In the Chicago Bears game, the offense looked inconsistent as well as the defense. Then there was the week one game against the Cincinnati Bengals, which resulted in a blow-out.

Through four games the Oakland Raiders provide more questions than answers. The truth is, the Raiders have not established an identity through four games.

Are they truly a team on the rise? Or are they really a young team destined for more growing pains?

Here is how the positions groups fared thus far.

Quarterbacks: B-

Derek Carr pretty much sums up the Raiders by his inconsistency. One week he delivers bombs through tight windows. Another week he is the same dump-off quarterback from last season. Carr delivers some beautiful balls and avoids pressure. However, he also misfires more than a few times.

Nonetheless, he gets a positive grade for being the developing leader.

Running Backs: B

Latavius Murray racked-up one monster game versus the Cleveland Browns. Outside of that, Murray has been effective in the passing game. With the exception of the Chicago Bears game, Murry also found cut-back seems and trucked defenders in each game.

Taiwan Jones, Roy Helu and Marcel Reece also looked good throughout the season. It is rewarding to see the offense actually trying to give them roles.

Receivers: B+

Amari Cooper is as advertise. If you’ve watched a game you know that. He has made crucial plays in each of the Raiders games. Michael Crabtree revived his career as a possession receiver. He seems to be the consistent pass catcher the Raiders need complimenting Cooper.

Further, undrafted rookie Seth Roberts surprised me with his touchdown plays this season. He brings an added element stretching the field. I’m still waiting for Rod Streater or Andre Holmes to remind people of their potential. I might be waiting for a while.

Tight Ends: D

This grade is more a result of the group’s preseason hype. Between Mychael Rivera, Lee Smith, and Clive Watford, the Raiders have talent at the position. Yet, has one racked up more than ten yards a game?

They’ve been decent blockers. However, Carr could use one of them as a weapon in the middle of the field. Someone needs to step-up as a receiver moving forward.

Offensive Line: B-

Speaking of inconsistent, insert the Raiders offensive line. They have not been terrible. Carr has not been sacked a lot. However, they lack significant push for their running backs. Moreover, it might be unfair to group these guys together. The leftside deserves an A grade, while the right side is just above average. I can’t forget about Rodney Hudson’s penalties the first couple of weeks too.

How would you grade the Raiders performance through four games?

Stay posted for the Defensive Quarterly Report, tomorrow


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