Raiders Free Agency: Logical Targets

When someone gets a large sum of money, we want to go to the most expensive place and see what it would be like to spend for luxury, especially if we have never had anything high quality. The smart people learn not to spend all of our money in one place. Here are the free agents who are not only more realistic signings for Raiders, but they also have a much cheaper price tag.

1. Terrance Knighton- Nose Tackle

Del Rio was a big reason Knighton wound up in Jacksonville. He should be a big reason why he ends up in Oakland. This is probably one of the most logical free agency rumors period. Especially once Suh comes off of the board, as Knighton does not have the same pass rushing ability to command nearly the same salary as Suh.

2. Tramon Williams- Corner Back

At 32 years old, Williams should not expect to break the bank. Especially as we remember him getting blown by in the NFC Championship game. Still, Williams has been a number one corner in the league, something no one else free at the position has done. Plus, Links to McKenzie and Woodson from Green Bay days make this logical.

3. Jeremy Maclin- Wide Receiver

Well the rest of the NFL drools over the explosive Cobb, the Raiders would be wise to swoop up Maclin. Maclin is only a few years older and suffered an injury in 2013 that cost him his season (as did Cobb). That should make him affordable. Not to mention, Maclin is familiar with offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave as they both spent last season in Philidelphia.

4. Jerry Hughes- Defensive End

Hughes is one of the few free agents who hasn’t been linked to the Raiders. I’m not sure why as he is on the right side of thirty and had back to back double digit sacks. His experience as a stand-up linebacker and defensive end makes him a logical pass rusher for the Raiders. No reason he can not be the DeMarcus Ware/ Shaun Phillips to Khalil Mack’s Von Miller. Plus, Hughes has far less baggage than Hardy.

5. Jermaine Gresham- Tight End

Gresham has not been rumored to the Raiders either. The two-time pro bowler has ability as a pass catcher and blocker. As Thomas catches out, Gresham should be an under the radar and more realistic option for Oakland across the middle.