Oakland Raiders dominate Free Agency

The Oakland Raiders caught everyone’s attention by signing corner Sean Smith, lineman Kelechi Osemele and linebacker Bruce Irvin.

Unlike past years, it was a refreshing feeling to sign the players that the Raiders were connected to. Best of all, the Raiders signed versatile and hardworking players without overpaying.

I’ll admit the Raiders even exceed my own fanatic expectations. Clearly, the Raiders are building something that people will buy into.

Osemele said the team is committed to the trenches. Smith said the power is shifting in the AFC West. Irvin is busy trying to recruit other free agents like Eric Weddle and Donald Penn.

The self-proclaimed Baby Reggie is finding ways to spend the leftover $34 million.

Raiders need to sign Donald Penn

Speaking of spending, the Raiders need to resign Donald Penn. Do not get it twisted.

Penn is a huge reason behind last season’s resurgence. He held down the left tackle position the past two years.

Granted, I do not like paying Osemele $12 million as a guard. He started six games at left tackle for the Ravens. He has enough athleticism to do the same for the Raiders. However, why not continue Penn in the role if the price is right?

The price should be right considering he said Oakland is the lead to keep him, even after they signed Osemele.

Raiders must fill other holes.

The Raiders are going hard at Weddle. They need at least one safety via free agency. Hopefully Weddle is that guy considering he is the best available.

The Raiders still need some help at offensive line, running back and middle linebacker. A pass rusher might also help.

Oakland could fill those needs in the draft. However, they are hot so why not ride out the momentum?

Chris Long, Jerrell Freeman, Rashad Johnson and Geoff Schwartz are names to keep an eye on.



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