Cowboys Raiders practice gets chippy

Fortunately I attended today’s practice and got the live effect of Raidernation. Our fans were probably the most spectacular position group on display. Besides regular chants of Raiders, fans cheered for every big play and hit.

From my vantage point, defense was my main focus point. The defensive line impressed me with a variety of moves. Pat Simms showed some good pad level against the Cowboys’ offensive line. Antonio Smith also showed some great hands and secondary pass rush moves. On the other hand Khalil Mack showed he needs to add some size on his frame. Macks’ reps I saw featured him getting washed into and past the quarterback.

Nick Roach, Miles Burris, and SIo Moore did not fair much better in the screen drill. All of them beat in pass coverage and that carried into the team position.

The team defense never seemed in position to make plays against the pass. Brandon Weeden and Tony Romo both carved their way through the defense. Luckily they were able to make a stop in the end zone, and also made an interception.

On offense, the Raiders scored against the Cowboys’ defense on a strike from Matt Schaub. THey also scored to end the team position. Mostly, Schaub showed poise in the pocket despite a few badly placed throws. Derek Carr also lead a drive despite displaying his happy feet.

Check out the podcast as well:

Also, our running backs continued showcasing their big play ability.

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