A trade doesn’t answer the Raiders problems and keys versus Vikings

Antonio Brown ain’t walking through that door. Neither is Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice or any Raiders great. The only thing that will change the Raiders season is already in the locker room.

Jalen Ramsey ain’t the answer either. The Raiders have already invested too many high draft picks in the secondary over the past four seasons. Don’t forget LaMarcus Joyner’s big contract too. Joyner needs to step up. Gareon Conley and Karl Joseph must fill those first round bills. Pressure is on Trayvon Mullen needs to step up faster than what is fair to him too.

Even if the Raiders could get Ramsey, he isn’t rushing the passer. The Raiders answers aren’t as easy as trading for Ramsey or even Minkah Fitzpatrick when he was on the open market. The Raiders couldn’t afford to send a future pick for a defensive back when the Raiders are already waiting returns on many other DBS on the roster. Ramsey and Fitzpatrick aren’t lining up at DE anyways.

The Raiders young pass rush needs to take the next step. They need to turn flashes into consistency. Oakland needs push and disruption upfront.

Equal pressure applies to the other side of the ball. Those young guards and tackles need to step up. It’s not enough to just run or pass block as the Raiders need a balanced and consistent front for what they want to do on offense.

At the end of the day, the Raiders need answers internally. There isn’t a player they could trade for that would answer all their questions because teams value pass rushers. Oakland needs to find answers up front before they worry about trading for anyone including Jalen Ramsey. On to this week.

Raiders versus Vikings Keys

Don’t beat your self. n

It is gonna get echoed all year. Oakland signed veteran players for a reason, they must be discipline. The Raiders registered 140 yards from penalties but Minnesoa finished with 200. That’s opportunities the Raiders will take advantage of. Oakland can’t shoot itself in the foot with penalties.

Minnesota can win the turnover battle. They’re already plus one for the season in turnover differential while Oakland is -1. The Raiders are not gonna win if Carr tries to do too much and throws two interceptions.

The Silver and Black must rely on JoshJacobs to aleviate that pressure. Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter might lick their chops against the Raiders tackles, especially if Trent Brown misses any time. Establishing the run game is critical to nuetralizing those ends and granting Derek Carr some time for downfield throws.

Don’t be surprised if this is a total run and defense game. That’s kind of ideal for the Raiders. Don’t forget Adam Thielen and Stefan Diggs still lineup at receiver for the Vikings. The secondary must not get exposed again like they did versus Kansas City. The Vikings haven’t had a great offense thus far this season but the Raiders can’t let them get in rythme. Expect the DBs to get attacked often. If they can step up along with the pass rush, they can take advantage of Kirk Cousins at QB. If not, they can make the infamously inconsistent player’s highlight reel.

In the end, both these teams are scrapping to keep their season from being challenged early with 1-1 records. No one is really sure what either of these teams are. The Vikings seemingly have the advantage as a more recent playoff team but they’re still figuring out what they have at quarterback. A loss hear could put Cousins on the hot seat as well as any of the veterans on that defense.

This game needs to be like Denver for the Raiders. They have to come out fast, with swagger and trying to prove something. If they get down, Minnesota’s defense is too talented to get one dimensional against. Oakland’s defense also needs to not give up any big plays that turn the game into a shoot out. The Raiders need to win upfront and play with great fundamentals if they have any chance to beat this Vikings team.

Again, all the answers are inside the Raiders lockerroom. They’re 1-1 entering a game that could go either way. Just Win Baby!


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