Time for the Carr to rev versus the Chiefs

The do or dies add up. It is getting dramatic saying if Carr doesn’t perform this week this it.

The truth is, Carr is playing well enough. He completes 70 percent of his passes and he posses all the intangibles you need in a QB, Carr has led his fair share of game-winning drives and is usually good for more touchdowns than interceptions.

However, Carr has only beaten the Chiefs twice in his career and one time in Arrowhead. Carr and Gruden need to prove their offense can play to the standard Mahomes and Reid are setting for the AFC West in Kansas City.

Carr and the Raiders could turn around their entire season and playoff hunt with a win over the Chiefs. No one is going to give them a chance but remember the Raiders came out strong with a 21-point lead in the first half.

The Chiefs offense showed up and they rallied. The Raiders and Carr need to show that same poise and will to beat the Chiefs.

Unfortunately, Carr will remind you it is a team game. Oakland will need a great team performance if they want to have a chance.

The Raiders won’t have the advantage on offense since the Chiefs receivers are much more dynamic. Oakland does have an advantage at running back with Josh Jacobs and their tight end Darren Waller is pretty good too.

Carr will need to lean on that in this game. His offensive line is going to need to come up big as well.

Neither defense is very good though. That means the Raiders will need Carr and the offense to manage the Chiefs defense as well as match them.

If everything goes right, in a perfect world, the game could very well come down to a Carr needing to orchestrate a perfect drive or complete a perfect throw.

And that is when the spotlight will again shine on Carr. Carr is going to need to show up big if the Raiders have any shot.

If D.C. can’t pull through that might be the beginning to the end. He already got yanked last week as his whole team did not show up versus the Jets. Expect Carr to catch even more blame if the Raiders don’t look competitive this week.

Win or lose, it won’t be all Carr’s fault. Nonetheless, Carr might catch all the blame if he is not enough to help the team win. Fair or not those do or dies add up and the final sum might be this week’s AFC Championship.




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