Three ways to seal must win over Tennessee Titans

The 4-6 Oakland Raiders are on a three game losing streak.

Before we all freak out, let’s remember this team 0-10 a year ago. Hence, there has been progress.

To keep that progress alive, the Raiders must defeat the Titans on the road.

Here are three ways Oakland can smoke the Titans.

Run the ball

This was a key for last week’s game, but the Raiders failed against the Detroit Lions.

Latavius Murray only racked-up 28 rushing yards against the Lions. The Raiders needed more third and shorts. They needed to control the clock better.

The same goes for this week. Moreover, the Raiders need Murray and the running backs to kill the clock if they get a lead.

The running game will also help neutralize the Titans’ blitz happy defense.

Cooper must show up

Amari Cooper seems to have hit the rookie wall. He’s dropped some balls and has not made the game-changing plays he made earlier in the season.

Last week, Crabtree was the Raiders only reliable target. This week the Raiders will need to get Cooper going early and often.

Throw him some bubble screens to gain some confidence.

Defense must keep contain

This should probably be the No. 1 key for Sunday’s game. The Raiders let Landry Jones, Teddy Bridewater and Matt Stafford embarrass them with their feet.

Now they face rookie Marcus Mariota who is actually a dynamic scrambler.

The Raiders must limit Mariota’s ability to make plays with his feet.

Oakland’s corners already struggle. They will struggle more if Mariota breaks contain and delivers strikes on the run.

Ultimately, the Raiders should win this game.

However, fans know there is no such thing as an easy win with this young football team.

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