The Real Aldon Smith Question

The only news surrounding Raiders suspended end Aldon Smith is that there is no news.

The pass rusher has served his year-ban and awaits reinstatement by the NFL. Smith has met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other executives.

Smith has posted videos about his return. He even commented that he was back on Khalil Mack’s periscope.

However, multiple reports cite that their is no time table on his return.

Not to mention, Smith still needs to get into football shape and gel with his teammates.

I’ve maintained that he Smith is an x-factor for Oakland. His pass rushing ability and athleticism could easily help a Raiders defense that ranks towards the bottom of most categories.

Granted, Smith has to get reinstated before he can impact the Raiders defense.

Now, you can argue if he will return this season. You can argue if he deserves this cold shoulder treatment based on his history of being an offender of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. You can even if argue the Raiders need him as they gear up for their first playoff run in 14 seasons.

Nonetheless, my question remains. If the Raiders were not No. 2 in the AFC and leaders in the AFC West, would this even be a discussion? 

Does the Raiders’s success hurt or help Aldon Smith’s chances for reinstatement?

Would the NFL be more eager to announce a decision on the Edge rusher’s future, if Oakland was not in the middle of a playoff run?

I don’t know. Maybe, the Raiders’ recent success has no impact on Smith. Maybe, it does.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Just a thought. Let me know what you think via the Twitter Poll. 

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