Raiders Free Agency: Long Shots


What is the difference between a long shot and a dream? Simple, dreams can come true although unlikely. Versus a long shot is a foregone conclusion that it won’t happen but if it does than that is cool. Here are some long shot free agency signings for the Raiders.

1. Brian Orakpo- Edge Rusher

Orakpo has missed more games than he has played the past two seasons. He is still a great pass rusher and that might be enough for the Raiders to take a chance. Unless the Raiders give him a fat one year contract, I expect him to get over valued by another team or take a big one year deal to stay in Washington

2. Orlando Franklin- Guard

Franklin transitioned from tackle to guard last season for the Broncos. It was a successful transition, but he still won’t be worth the contract he will get. The Raiders learned from last year’s Austin Howard experience about paying a guard tackle money, so they will probably let him sign else where.

3. Byron Maxwell- Corner back

Really good No. 2 corner backs have a way of cashing out to be number two corner backs but they usually flame out. Maxwell will probably do the same. Hopefully the Raiders are smart enough to not offer the big money other teams will as he is a product of a great Seattle defense.

4. Malcolm Smith-  Linebacker

Having Smith’s former position coach as our defensive coordinator easily links the Raiders to Smith. But if Ken Norton Jr. was so high on the young former Superbowl MVP wouldn’t he have not made him a reserve? Either way, I think Smith coming to the Raiders is a long shot because is he a inside backer, outside backer, starter, or reserve?

5. Michael Crabtree – Wide Receiver

Drafting the guy we passed on for Darius Heyward-Bey? Long Shot, even if he played his whole career on the other side of the bay.

While anything could happen in free agency, these players signing with the Raiders would be a surprise


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