Raider Nation: Embrace the New Era


Raiders writer Maurice Moton wrote a good piece about the new era of Raider Nation via Bleacher Report. In it, he calls for Raiders fans to embrace the franchise as they rise into an elite football team.

To piggy back off Moton’s writing, Raider Nation needs these young and bandwagon fans. These are the people that put us on national television. That is the sort of attention we need as young players like Derek Carr, Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper ascend to greatness.

These casual and new fans ensure that our players get their due respect. They also bring the revenue needed to help our team stay in their home market. Funny how the city of Oakland finally has a proposal after the Raiders put together their best season in 14 seasons.

Nonetheless, I get it. It’s hard to embrace warm-water fans when you’ve been riding with these teams through 14 years of obscurity. It’s hard to celebrate with the same people who were laughing at you. Us “real fans” have been defending this team on twitter, at lunch tables, and via radio for years.

All of a sudden we see people with Raiders beanies and snapbacks? Hence, we have a right to distance ourselves from those people who did not ride for the team during the Lane Kiffin or Jamarcus Russell eras.

However, we also have a right to welcome them to the most passionate and educated fan base in the world. Granted, I am biased.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles. The kingdom of bandwagon fans. All of these people who were embracing the return of the Rams suddenly admire the Raiders. Go figure.

I could be petty and tell them to F**** themselves. Otherwise, I could be happy that they are finally seeing what I have been loving for years. The Raiders have the best history, colors and brand of football in the NFL. Of course, that is just my bias speaking.

The point is, don’t test everyone’s fan card. These young and bandwagon fans can easily convert into die-hard members of Raider Nation. Let’s all unite under the Silver and Black. We all can enjoy the highs because it has been a hell of a ride to get here.

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