Oakland Raiders get alternate uniforms

Earlier this week, Nike released their Color Rush line of uniforms for the NFL season.

The Oakland Raiders were seen in the white jerseys with a silver number. These uniforms resemble the AFL throwbacks that the Raiders have worn in the past.

Many fans were outraged that the jerseys were not all black.

Like most fans, I would love black jerseys with black pants. However, the object of the Color Rush uniforms remains selling jerseys. An all black uniform closely resembles what the Raiders already wear on the road.

Hence, I am okay with the white alternates. The Raiders are the team most known for their colors, so I think it is ironic that their Color Rush uniforms lack any real color.

Further, I think silver or grey jerseys with a black number would have been the easy way to maximize profit and please fans. Currently, Oakland does not wear silver uniforms. That would mean an extra uniform for fans to buy, and the grey or silver closely resembles the home white that Oakland wears.

Otherwise, a silver helmet would have been awesome too. A metallic black helmet would have been awesome too. However, those changes are too new-school for the Raiders’ tradition.

Either way, I am just glad the Raiders got an alternate jersey. I absolutely love our uniforms, but everyone will be pleased to see Oakland mix it up a little.

The Raiders will wear their new jerseys Dec. 8 versus the Kansas City Chiefs for Thursday Night Football.

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