Marcel Reese

I am going to echo something I’ve been hearing through Various outlets in the media and blogoshpere. If the Raiders want to continue competing, The raiders need to get the ball to Marcel Reese,

First off, Marcel Reese is one of the best football players on this entire team. Reese is counted on in the running game, receiveing game, and especially the running game.

Ocutside of Mcfadden and Pryor, Reese is the Raiders biggest playmaker. His natural size and receiving skills of Reese are like no other at the FB position. I’m not sure that their is a linebacker who can cover him out of the backfield or the slot.

I think Reese’s lack of success boils down to a few factors, Yes the Raiders offensive line has been mediocre on a good day. Hence, eeese’s services have been needed in pass protection and lead blocking. The other problem is Terrelle Pryor. Pryor as a young player has really failed to utilize his dump off options. I’ve seen him hold the ball to long, or he’d rather scramble than make the smart dump off play..

The thing is, I’m not going to give gregg knapp, Pryor or Reese a pass for the above listed reasons. Marcel Reese’s size and speed make him a perfect change of pace foro Darren Mcfadden, similarly to Michael Bush a few years ago. The raiders also need to move Reese around the formation, in the I formation, TE, slot, and wing positions. His versatility will help shift the focus off of Mcfadden and Pryor. If the Raiders want Pryor to be comfortable in the offense by letting him go out of the shotgun, then they need Reese’s versatility to keep offense’s off balance.

Lastly, the Raiders need to get Reese the ball. Knapp talked about scaling back some of the decision’s for Pryor, and if he is serious than he needs to get the ball to Reese on designed screens. I wouldn’t mind seeing Reese and Pryor running a read option play either. Lastly, Reese playing all over the field gives him oppurtunity to be a decoy, but also to be a dominate blocker throughout the field. The Raiders Tight ends have been inconsistent, so Reese is needed to make those blocks at the second level. Even when he is split out out he can be effective of outside, crack, and screen blocking.

Reese is the Raider’s most consistent player. They need him to make plays. I’m tired of the Raiders offense stalling in the first half. Reese is exactly the weapon needed to mix up looks for opposing defense. He is both consistent and gamechanging. If Pryor can’t get him the ball on dump offs, then there needs to be more designed runs and screens for him. We are paying this guy as a pro bowler, and he needs to be utilized as one. Around the league he is recognized as a player who can redefine the field goal position, well now it is time for him to do it.  Otherwise, the Raiders will stall in the second half all season.  I expect him to have more than 10 receiving yards and 60 rushing yards. re

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