Leave Jamarcus Russell alone

The Draft began on April 28, and here is a letter about one of the greatest draft busts ever.

Dear NFL,

Stop black-balling Jamarcus Russell.

I get it. He is one of the biggest draft busts ever. He was lazy, and may or may not have been addicted to lean.

But that was almost ten years ago.

Don’t give him sympathy. He doesn’t want it or deserve it.

Instead, give the man an opportunity. He seems sincerely humble.

IF he is for reals, let him get in shape and give him a real shot.

How many people can throw 70 yards on peer arm strength like Russell? Especially, considering he has super limited miles.

I am not saying Russell will be any good. I just want to see what he can do if he got a shot. There are too many unanswered questions and too-much god given talent.

People forget the dysfuntion being around death brings. Russell went to many funerals during his time within the struggling Raiders team.

If he flames out one last time then he has nothing left to say. Moreover, Russell could help redeem himself and a late regime that drafted him.

NFL, just give Jamarcus a shot!


A Raiders fan




One thought on “Leave Jamarcus Russell alone

  1. Good points and it’s true – I’ve never come across anybody who has gotten pounded by the media so harshly for not panning out. His skills were off the charts but sometimes it’s a goodness of fit and a maturity thing that doesn’t come together. Looking forward to following this blog…

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