Just Don’t Be Racist Baby! 

There’s No Room for Direct or Indirect Racists in Raider Nation

I don’t care what you think about Trump or Derek Carr, there’s one thing Raider Nation should agree on and that’s Black Lives Matter.

The colors are Silver and Black for a reason. Don’t rock them if you’re afraid to acknowledge a team with a history of breaking down barriers.

Remember, those Badass teams in the ’70s were renowned for acceptance with the Black Panthers and Hell’s Angels. Don’t talk about the Assassin, Snake or that era if you forget the unity they represented.

After the George Floyd protests, Charles Woodson chimed in. Josh Jacobs was tweeting a storm. You heard Zay Jones and Tyrell Jones share stories.

How could anyone say all lives matter when they’re telling you they’ve felt like their lives don’t matter? They’re sharing trauma experienced by them or loved ones.

Derek Carr voiced his support and Jason Witten stepped in. Madd Maxx gave his support. Even they understand direct and direct discrimination Black people deal with every day including police brutality. Listen…

Go back in history and you will see that being a Raider means championing diversity and exclusion. They’ve had the most non-white head coaches including the first Black and Latino head coaches. Amy Trask was the highest-ranking female executive in the NFL. This isn’t a coincidence.

Being a Raider isn’t just about being pillaging, looking intimidating or just winning. It’s a commitment to excellence on and off the field.

The Raiders have long excelled at giving back to the community. The Raiders logo it’s self is a symbol of revolt and rebellion.

Don’t call yourself a Raiders fan if you’re ignoring your privilege or the facts about racism and police brutality. You can’t say you bleed Silver and Black if you’re afraid to say Black Lives Matter.

Raider Nation is outspoken and in your face group which is why the Raiders represent counter culture. Raiders fans are a lot of things but we’re not racist.

The point is, we can disagree on Carr or Gruden or Politics but don’t call yourself a Raiders Fan is you still think All Lives Matter when camera phones show us Black Lives don’t Matter.

That doesn’t mean you have to go out and protest or loot or donate or anything else. But it does mean you need to listen and be an ally. Because racists are getting canceled across sports, from announcers to media and players.

Raider Nation won’t be any different. We’re too diverse a group to let direct or indirect racism into our group. We’re voting you racists off the island even if you call yourself “Raiders Fans.”



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