If you want to win bring Harbaugh in

Bringing Jim Harbaugh in as coach for the Raiders is one of those things that just makes almost too much sense for it to actually happen.

Many of us fans have heard the anecdote about Al Davis telling Harbaugh he would one day be a Raider despite the owner not signing him as a player. Harbaugh was a Raider as an assistant in the early 2000s and he should come back.

Not only would he not have to leave the Bay Area, where his family loves living, but he embodies a mentality. He got to NFC title games running the ball and having a great defense. Guess what, the Raiders have the pieces in tack to make it happen.

Further, Mark Davis can bring him in as a token to his late great father. Plus the Raiders can throw some money at him, as he is sure to have many suitors in the college and NFL ranks.

Plus, those 49ers were a joke until Harbaugh took the reigns. In Oakland he’ll have one of this decades defensive players Khalil Mack combined with an infusion of youth and veterans in the secondary. The defense is already scheme versatile and could get better with Harbaugh’s recruiting abilities and draft knowledge.

On offense we have a young core centered around Derek Carr. Again, draft picks and a slew of cap space can surround him with better talent.

Hence, the former Stanford coach won’t back down from the challenge just like he didn’t in Stanford or San Fran.

He already wears black every Sunday. He has tremendous respect for Al Davis and the greatness of the Raiders, so make Harbaugh a Raider already.

Either way, it doesn’t take a genius to see Harbaugh to the Raiders makes sense for both side. However egos amongst millionaires has a way of making the common sense seem outlandish so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

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